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FAQ about Quirkyalones
International Quirkyalone Day

Q. Can the quirkyalone be a man?

A. Men can be quirkyalone. But we already have plenty of archetypes for male loners: the angry young man, Odysseus, and the list goes on. For women, the equivalents are spinster and old maid. And so, we call the quirkyalone a woman.

Q. Does this fundamental quality preclude me from meeting "the one?" Will I be so choosy that I will always be alone?

A. Vexing, for sure. Many of us obsess on this question. On the other hand, we do know this. Being such masters of aloneness, we are masters of our own destiny, and we won't waste years in mediocre relationships.

Q. Are quirkyalones celibate?

A. Quirkyalones are not celibate. That said, we don't have that much sex either. However, we are human and when pressure and frustration builds we do go on the occasional sexual spree . . . which brings us to our next question.

Q. I know someone who is constantly hooking up but doesn't get into relationships. Is she quirkyalone?

A. Good question. If your friend's standards for companionship are very high, but for a Saturday night fling, very low, she goes by another name. This person is a quirkyslut, and she should wear that title proudly.

Q. How do you spell this word? Is it hyphenated?

A. Please note: A hyphen is neither desirable nor necessary when writing the word "quirkyalone." Why? A quirkyalone is not simply a quirky person who happens to be alone. In fact, a quirkyalone can be in a relationship or married. Like the German word "zeitgeist" ("zeit" meaning time, and "geist" meaning spirit), the two constituent parts "quirky" and "alone" fuse together in a word that draws upon its constituent parts but also creates something new.

Q. Can couples come to the International Quirkyalone Day party?

A. Absolutely—couples are not only welcome, they are encouraged to attend.
Remember, quirkyalones can be in relationships. When they enter into these
romantic unions, they become (permanently or for a time) quirkytogether.
Further, International Quirkyalone Day is for everyone: single, partnered,
married, divorced, celibate, or polyamorous.