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Quiz: Are you Quirkyalone?
Ten Quirkyalone Songs
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International Quirkyalone Day

Most of us know, upon hearing those four syllables jumbled together: that is me. Some may not be sure. This personality test is designed to help you determine whether you are quirky, alone, quirkyalone, or maybe even, normal!

Please choose...
1. Do you like walking (alone) at night?
 Yes, I am fascinated by the interactions between strangers that play out before me.
 I think of walking alone in utilitarian terms: It's a matter of getting from point A to point B.
 Long walks alone at night do not appeal to me. They seem dangerous and/or boring.
2. Has anyone ever called you quirky?
 Yes, people often do.
 Once or twice.
3. Which do you have more of, numerically speaking?
 Past boy/girlfriends.
 Current amigos.
4. Did you go to your senior prom?
 Yes. I went in with a date.
 Yes. I went alone/with friends.
 No. No prom for me.
5. How often do you pursue extracurricular activities outside of work?
 I write, draw, organize, throw pottery, sing, or cycle a few times a week.
 I take classes every so often.
 Not so much these days.
6. What kind of movie would you most like to see?
 Romantic comedy.
 Indie movie about a fucked-up family.
 Action thriller.
7. What is your chosen family?
 Significant other.
8. Would you rather be lonely alone or lonely together?
 Lonely alone.
 Lonely together.
9. Would you rather have a predictable vibrator or an inconsistent partner? (If you are a man, assume you are a woman.)
 Vibrators are a woman's best friend. Vibrator, please.
 Inconsistent partner. I prefer the human touch - even if he or she is not that dextrous.
10. Have you ever gone to a movie alone?
 No, but I would try.
 A few times.
 More than a few times.
11. What is the longest you have gone without a "significant other"?
 1 - 3 months
 4 - 8 months
 8 months - 2 years
 Two years plus
12. When you go to a bar to meet somebody, whom are you looking for?
 A nice person to talk to.
 Your next boy/girl friend.
 A certain feeling of possibility.
13. On the way to work, you spot a perfect JCrew couple holding hands. What do you feel?
 That's nice.
 It must be so easy for you.
For results, click "Submit."